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AD1000 - 4 ltr jug (1.06 gal) PART NO-21404

Lubricants And Corrosion Inhibitor



• Excellent Protection for Electrical Connections and Wiring Harnesses
• Compatible with Rubber, Plastic, Vinyl and Painted Surfaces
• Remains On The Metal Surface To Displace & Seal Out Moisture & Oxygen Eliminating Rust Formation
• Ultimate Protection Against Road Salt, Acid Rain
• Surface Treatment For The Prevention Of Rust On All Metal Parts
• Don't Give Rust A Head Start, Rustproof Early & Annually
• Will Keep Your Vehicle Looking Good & Keeps It On The Road In Good
Condition For Many More Years 
Penetrates All Nooks & Crannies On The Vehicle
• Leading Edge Rust Protection

A very high quality mineral oil based coating that offers exceptional protection against corrosion. It can be applied to both the interior panels and exterior chassis of vehicles. Ideal for use on new and old cars. This product should be applied annually as part of a preventative maintenance program to eliminate corrosion. AD1000 is a valued priced, low odour and clean product that meets and exceeds ASTM specifications for salt spray endurance and corrosion protection. Ideal for inside body panels and all exterior exposed chassis components. Application rate: 1.5 to 2 litres per midsized vehicle. AD1000 is a formulated oil based product specifically blended as an Annual Drip-Free Rust Preventive Coating. It is designed to be used as an exterior and interior coating (doors and rocker panels). The product was formulated to ensure penetration of weld seams and other crevice locations susceptible to rust and corrosion. It does not harden with age; it remains tacky and pliable and will not crack or peel. AD1000 is not harmful to rubber, plastic or electric circuitry. Formulation from new material ensures no acids in the product or unpleasant odours. It is a thixotropic dispersion of an inorganic/organic complex, oxidized petrolatum and oil, with rust inhibitors added. This coating is polar and forms an excellent bond to ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

SKU: 21404

Lubricants And Corrosion Inhibitor