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  • Tip Shield – Ceramic Coating 350 g (14 oz) aerosol

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    In contrast to traditional “anti-spatter” product which only protect the item you are welding, Tip Shield protects valuable welding equipment and improves productivity. Can typically last the entire 8 hour shift.
  • Top-It Table & Tool Surface Sealant 305 g (14 oz) aerosol

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    Regular maintenance of saw tables and receiving tables with TOP-IT significantly reduces binding of wood and hang-ups. TOP-IT’s unique fluoropolymer formula dries in seconds.
  • Web Bond – General Purpose Adhesive – clear  560 g (20 oz) aerosol    

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    Web Bond – General Purpose Adhesive

  • Welder’s Anti-Spatter 550 g (20 oz) aerosol

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    Welder’s Liquid Anti-Spatter is a non-flammable lecithin based liquid anti-spatter produced from extracted soybean oil. It keeps welding tips and nozzles clean and prevents weld spatter adhesion.